Below are recordings that feature students of Vishal Nagar. Click on the links to go to external sites to purchase. Enjoy!


Bhakti is the voice of Mahria Potter and the tabla rhythms of Gordon Assadi. Forming in 2000, they have taken their respective knowledge of Indian music and transformed it into a musical style all their own. Vraja, their first CD release captures the wonderful musical chemistry that is the core of their sound.

The sounds of Bhakti originate with the folk traditions of Northern India, Pakistan and the Middle East. The melodies are inspired by Sanskrit mantras and Bengali poetry. The tabla drums of India give the rhythmic drive to the music, providing a moving bass and dancing melodic rhythm all its own. The music ranges from deep trance-like grooves (Krishna pranama and Jaya Radha-Madhava) to upbeat driving folk songs (Gaura-arati and Yashmati) and then to exciting improvisations (Om Namo Shivaya and Shikshastaka).

Mahria draws on her experience as a vocalist and the years she lived in India to breathe new life into the sometimes thousands of years old Sanskrit bhajans, mantras and other devotional poetry.

Gordon, studying tabla with Vishal Nagar both in Seattle and India, has focused specifically on the folk rhythms of India including bhajan, ghazal and Qawaali styles.

Gary Stroutsos
Pacific Moon

Pacific Moon is inspired by time spent on the NW Oregon coast. The use of Japanese Shakuhachi Bamboo Flute techniques, the sounds of Japanese Koto player Elizabeth Falconor and world percussion Glen Velez lend an international flavor to the productio. Produced by David Lanz. Larry Mahlis plays tabla.

James Whetzel
Capitol Hill: Secret Tracks

The Yang to the Yin of Whetzel's album Sum, "Capitol Hill: Secret Tracks" is a high energy mix of South Asian, African and American music. Tabla and Darbouka beats are combined with innovative throat singing and Whetzel's diverse palette of instruments which ranges from Sarode to guitar, Riqq, to drum kit.

Indian Virtuoso tabla player Vishal Nagar appears on several tracks adding intense tabla skills to the mix. Tucker Martine provides special audio effects on several tracks and drum kit players Adam Lofstedt and Leftheri Mahlis bring some tasty beats. Canadian guitar ace Gavin Douglas also appears on one track.

James Whetzel

James Whetzel's music ranges from the sound of West African palm-wine guitar, to Indian/Pakistani sarode and tabla, from throat singing, to darbouka, from rock, hip hop, and ambient music, to special Whetzel style beats that combine rhythmic sounds from Africa and South Asia.

A versatile performer, composer, producer, and recording engineer, James performs solo and in ensemble. Artists such as Andrew Carras, Lowell Lybarger, Vishal Nagar, Akoma Ensemble and Yaw Amponsah are some of his usual collaborators. With Andrew Carras, James plays percussion on darbouka and tabla, with Lowell Lybarger James plays guitar and sings palm-wine music and also plays Indian/Pakistani music on sarode, with Vishal Nagar James does throat singing, and plays sarode, with Akoma Ensemble, and Yaw Amponsah James plays palm-wine guitar music and does Asante court drumming.

In his solo shows James sings and performs on palm-wine guitar, and plays sarode and does throat singing over specially composed Whetzel beats.

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