Useful Links

We would like to introduce you to some interesting sites dedicated to keeping the spirit of South Asian music alive in cyberspace. Have a look:

Jason Fellin's site. Jason is a student of Vishal Nagar based out of Boulder, CO, formerly based out of Seattle.

A site dedicated exclusively to our teacher Vishal Nagar, as well as source of information on upcoming events and an online forum.

Ragamala is a Seattle area non profit organization that works very hard to present concerts featuring some of the finest artists from South Asia.

Lars Jacobsen sells not only top notch sitars but quality tablas as well. There are also a host of accessories available. Check it out!

The site of husaband and wife team Chandrakantha (vocalist) and David Courtenay (tabla player), with a wealth of information about Indian music. There are also popular forums on Indian classical music as well.

Shawn Mativetsky is a Montreal based Tabla player and percussionist.

Not only were they smart in snagging the domain name, but they've got some interesting content as well. You can listen to tabla music 24x7, or browse their store.

german tabla site

A German information Site on Tabla. Ausgezeichnet!

Wade Imre Morissette

Kirtan chanter from Vancouver

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